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Stirling Avenue Project! Reviving Two Semi-Detached Homes: A Remarkable Renovation Story

Updated: Nov 16

These late 1800s built semis posed a significant challenge due to their age and extensive need for repair.

Both properties required a holistic approach, addressing foundational issues, enhancing the exterior envelope, and conducting a thorough interior redesign.

Initially, the structural assessment revealed concerning weaknesses in the foundations, prompting meticulous reinforcement measures to ensure long-term stability and compliance with modern standards.

The exterior facades underwent a comprehensive transformation. We prioritized the installation of durable siding materials and upgraded windows and doors to fortify against weather elements while improving energy efficiency.

Internally, a complete overhaul was executed. The interiors were stripped to facilitate a redesigned layout and modernization. Simultaneously, critical systems such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC were updated to meet contemporary standards, achieving a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

After months of dedicated effort by skilled professionals, the results were astounding. The homes now stand as a testament to the transformative power of renovation, offering a harmonious fusion of modern comfort within a historically rich architectural framework.

This successful renovation project highlights the potential of diligent restoration, illustrating how strategic planning and meticulous execution can rejuvenate even the most weathered properties, breathing new life into them and preserving their charm for years to come.

The numbers!

Purchace price: $680,000

Renovation Cost: $210,000

ARV: $1,145,00

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