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Thinking of selling your property?


We buy properties of all shapes and sizes, in any condition. Our specialties include bungalow to secondary dwelling conversions and rental spec renovations for turnkey investments.

Do you own an underperforming investment property that you’re looking to sell? It can be difficult to find a buyer who is willing to look past your property’s deficiencies. Whether your last tenants left your property in a bad state, or you just aren’t up for the major renovations needed to bring your property back to life, our team at Filament Construction wants to hear from you!


We take the stress out of trying to sell by buying your property no matter the condition - no conditions and no commissions!



Bungalows are great for secondary dwelling unit (SDU) conversions! Let us take on the project of transforming your run-down bungalow into two beautiful units.


Tired of investing into maintaining your multiplex when you know it’s not performing well? We’ll take your underperforming property, and the stress that comes with it,
off your hands!



Is your property outdated and in need of major renovations? We will gladly take on
the task of transforming it into a prime investment property. We have great vision!

Contact us today!

Thank you for your request! We will be in touch within 24 hours.

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